Imagine that the worst happens: You’re in a terrible accident — or maybe you watched a loved one suffer through (or pass away because of) a terrible accident — and you’re scared about what comes next. The hospital bills are way too high. You’re in more pain than you thought possible, but it barely registers compared to the notion that you’ll never be able to work again. You know that you’ll never be able to pay for it without help. Where do you turn?

Personal injury attorneys are uniquely qualified to handle cases in which you were hurt because of another person or organization. We don’t believe you should have to pay a dime for their negligence — especially in light of your horrible suffering.

There are a number of ways that a person might be compensated after personal injury cases. Insurance is a big factor. Sometimes, depending on the situation, workers compensation, disability or social security, and funds set up for survivors might come into play. Whether or not those options are available, you might be able to sue for losses — all losses, past, present, and future.

What situations are we talking about?

Car accidents account for most of our caseload. This should come as little surprise considering their are tens of thousands of vehicle-related fatalities each year. Insurance companies will pay depending on the amount of coverage, but that doesn’t mean you should not file a lawsuit if the accident was not your fault. You can sue for medical bills, pain, trauma, lost wages, diminished earning potential, etc. Keep track of every document related to the accident.

Medical malpractice occurs all the time. If you were a victim because of a doctor’s mistake, you should seek the counsel of a personal injury attorney. Malpractice can include accidents made on the operating table or a simple misdiagnosis. If you were injured, you deserve justice.

Were you attacked by a neighborhood dog? The owners have the responsibility to keep aggressive animals on a leash. That means they are responsible for any injuries that result from improperly handled pets. 

Were you exposed to asbestos or a radioactive metal? There are many funds set up for asbestos survivors depending on the source of exposure, but you can also expect a prompt lawsuit if the company responsible is not yet bankrupt (hint: most of them are).

Job-related injuries are often covered by workers comp, but that doesn’t mean your employer can get away with negligent training practices, relaxed security, or failing to take the appropriate safety precautions. They have a responsibility to keep you safe while you are on the premises. Ask a personal injury attorney if you have a case. This goes double if you’re injured at an establishment where you do not work.