Premise liability is a legal umbrella term that refers to a specific type of personal injury case where the defendant or person being held liable is a property owner of where the injuries occurred. In these types of cases, the responsibility to ensure standards duty of care falls on the property owners and because of the property owner’s neglect duty of care was broken and injuries resulted.

The most common type of premise liability cases involve slip and falls when a person slips, falls and then becomes injured from the fall on another person’s property including residential, business and government property. There are several reasons as to why these accidents occur ranging from wet floors to exposed wiring to uneven sidewalk. It is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure visitors are either properly warned (i.e. wet floor sign) or to fix any issues that could cause injuries (i.e. fix uneven sidewalk).

Another common type of premise liability is negligent security cases. Negligent security is a broad term for when property owners do not take reasonable steps to ensure that their guests are safe from crimes such as assault or theft. Guests who are injured in a crime because the property owner failed to keep them safe can file a lawsuit against the property owner. Example of negligent security include hotel/motel doors that do not lock or security guards who miss scheduled patrols.

The third most common type of premise liability case are victims of dog bites. Often times victims of dog bite injuries are afraid to file a lawsuit because they are friendly with the dog owner and don’t want to cause a rift in a relationship. However, if the injury requires serious medical attention, you are entitled to compensation for your injury. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to prevent such injuries by either warning about the dog or placing the dog in another room while there are visitors in the house.

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