Anaheim, California is visited by tourists every year because it is home to one of the most famous amusement parks: Disneyland. Amusement parks are meant to be fun, where the young and old bond attractions and thrilling rides. Sadly, accidents which lead to life-threatening injuries or permanent disability do happen, even in the happiest place on earth like Disneyland. When these accidents occur, people are left wondering, what next? While injuries in an amusement park aren’t a daily occurrence, it’s important to know exactly what to do in the event that you or a loved one suffers an injury.

Accident Evaluation

Every person’s health and safety should be given the utmost priority. However, it is crucial to distinguish between minor and serious injuries. There is a major difference between a child tripping over their own shoelace and scrapping his/her knee and a person falling off from the carousel due to a mechanical fault subsequently breaking an arm or losing some teeth. When you compare the two instances, one might be considered a minor injury and the other a severe injury and one might be their own fault versus the fault of the amusement park. Bottom line, whether it is a minor or major injury, it is imperative that you identify the cause of the accident. Typical causes of accidents in an amusement park include passenger misuse, improper operation, and mechanical failure. If the injuries suffered were no fault of your own, then you might have the right to a personal injury case against the amusement park.

After The Accident

Oftentimes, after an injury in an amusement park, the management will offer first aid. Depending on the severity of the situation and injury, you might be escorted from the amusement park by ambulance or helicopter to the closest hospital. For minor injuries, many amusement park managers or a representative from the park’s insurance company will offer a settlement and have you sign a release form relinquishing any liability from the amusement park. For minor injuries such as a cut or bruise, this might be ok. But for major injuries, the compensation that is usually offered by the insurance company is barely enough to cover the cost of damages. If the injury was from your own wrongdoing, no compensation will be offered. It will only be offered if the amusement park believes that they are liable in some way towards your injury.

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer 

Once medical treatment has begun, the best thing to do after you or your family member is injured in an amusement park is to contact a reputable personal injury lawyer at Anaheim Personal Injury Law! We will launch a full investigation as to the circumstances of your injury and determine who is liable. We will then negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company to get you reasonable compensation that will cover the cost of medical expenses, future medical treatment, future lost earning, lost income as well as any mental anguish or pain and suffering.